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ShipMe is the flagship product of Exec Direct Aviation, EDA, providing for online shopping, package and mail forwarding services for Jamaican residents and businesses. On registration members are given a US mailing and shipping address, which must be used in combination with the members assigned mailbox as the shipping address when making online purchases.

The transportation of packages and mail sent via ShipMe are delivered more speedily, since they are air freighted on ShipMe’s own aircraft. Members have the option of next day or second day delivery of packages, from the time their package arrives at the ShipMe address in the USA.

ShipMe uses modern computerized systems for its operations which ensures faster processing of packages and allows members to manage their ShipMe Account online, pre-alert shipments, track packages, provide up-to-date notifications sent via e-mail or SMS messages and determine estimated shipping cost.

Let ShipMe deliver the joy of shopping online and get your purchases and mail from the US to you - faster and with a high level of reliability.

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  • May 27, 2023 7:19 pm local time

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